I'm Teddy! Or Blake. It's your choice. I'm a Dryad, 25, bisexual. I've been in Ragnarok for a few years so I know most of the founders. If you need to talk just shoot... well not literally.. okay.
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Anonymous asked: "Because you can do better."

What don’t you get? Sebastian is perfect. He makes me feel a lot better than anybody else in the compound and I’m pretty sure I make him more comfortable around here. Sebastian is perfection. If I ever see something more than perfection it would only mean that Sebastian got even better at making me happy and feel special.

Does this explain everything or..?

Anonymous asked: "But her hubby cheated on her...."

But my Sebastian loves me, and I him. Why would I ruin that?

Anonymous asked: "Get with Emery already."

No o_o I much prefer my Sebastian.

Anonymous asked: "Stop trying to rationalize the irrational. She wants you. End of story."


emeryriverannecarson-rpg-deacti asked: "Blake what is all this about you and me?"

Somebody thinks you like me, I dunno.

Anonymous asked: "1- She needs someone to cure her loneliness. 2- Well, didn't you have love at first sight with your boy-toy? 3- So you agree with me."
  1. Well, that’s not me?
  2. Nope. That would imply that at first sight I was obsessed with everything he did. It took awhile and I was still never ‘obsessed’. I liked his company.
  3. No. You’re just not to speak about them.

Anonymous asked: "1- So what? She hasn't seen them in.. how long? 2- Matters too little to be bothered with. 3- You're probably the best he could get. Danny and that other kid are way better for you."
  1. Yeah, but they still communicate with her. You’re sick anon.
  2. It matters completely. Love at first sight is bulllllll.
  3. Don’t talk about them…

Anonymous asked: "First, so what? Second, doesn't matter. Third, you could do soo much better."

Much easier format, ready? Too bad.

  1. She’s MARRIED. WITHkids.
  2. Matters a lot.
  3. No I couldn’t. He could, though.

Anonymous asked: "Emery wants you."

First, that’s wrong, she’s married. Second, we just met, no. Third, she’s too late even if she does. Soo.. yeah.

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